Prachi Desai reveals why she stayed out of the limelight, thanks to the audience for never forgetting her

Prachi Desai reveals why she stayed out of the limelight, thanks to the audience for never forgetting her

After gaining fame for her portrayal of a perfect bahu in the popular Ekta Kapoor soap opera Kasamh Se, Prachi Desai transitioned her to film with Farhan Akhtar’s Rock On !! at the age of 19. In her film career of more than a decade, the actress did fewer projects compared to many of her contemporaries. Some of the featured films in her filmography include Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai, Bol Bachchan, and Azhar. Recently, in an interview with a major newspaper, Ella Prachi talked about being selective about her films, as she felt that the offers being presented to her were becoming repetitive.

ETimes quoted Prachi as saying, “I started very young. When I was 17, I was on a daily soap opera and was also a mother to Ram Kapoor’s 5-year-olds on the show. And then at 19, I took a break with ‘Rock On !!’ In a couple of years, I had worked a lot, I had done a daily soap opera, I had made movies, but there came a point where I felt that all the offers that came to me were getting quite repetitive. the same kind of role in different movies. ”

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The actress herself said that she believed that she could believe that she could achieve any gender and she was waiting for the right kind of work to be presented to her.

“When I realized that, I decided to do something different and that should be reflected in the decisions I made. I believed in myself and that I could carry out any genre and play different roles. I hit pause and waited for the right kind of work. to get my way. But honestly, I didn’t know how long it was going to take. Sometimes, you know, they might offer you something in one day, three months, six months, and sometimes the wait is longer. Unless you have the means to produce something yourself. But when that option is not there, you have to be picky about the options that are given to you, “Prachi told ETimes. The Azhar actress revealed that during that period, she turned down some great film offers because she felt that they would not benefit her in any way.

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Prachi was quoted as saying: “While I was still reading scripts or listening to narratives, there were offers for some very great movies and great teams to work with, but I felt it would not benefit me in any way. And it was very hard to say ‘no’, Because, for an actor, it’s very important to keep doing projects one after another because you don’t want there to be any kind of gap there. But I was pretty convinced that I had to do something different. I knew commercial movies weren’t going to help me. couple of movies that I really wanted to do, they didn’t materialize for one reason or another; this kind of thing happens all the time. So all of these factors contributed to the gap. And then we were locked in for almost a year. The gap was a bit long, but I think it was worth it. ” In addition, the actress thanked the public for never forgetting her despite her selective work. Prachi said: “I thank the audience for never forgetting me; I am very grateful to be here. They still love me unconditionally and support me a lot. I was very stubborn in deciding that I would choose roles that are different. So even if I was presented with something very lucrative or very big, I wouldn’t jump into it, because I know I was expecting it. ” On a related note, Prachi was last seen rehearsing for the role of a policeman in Manoj Bajpayee’s Zee5 film, Silence: Can You Hear It ?.

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