Professor: Punjabi Movie Starring Kartar Cheema In The Lead, Announced

Chandigarh: 15 December 2021 Poster Release of Punjabi Film Professor, New Technology Added to Compete with Bollywood, On the Occasion of Poster Launch of the Film Will be competing against Bollywood. I often question the technique of Punjabi films made in Punjabi by my artist friends in Mumbai.

Professor Cheema added that we will show Bollywood that Punjabi cinema is second to none. Bollywood people may have forgotten, they will remind you that Bollywood has its roots in Punjab and Mumbai’s film industry has become so big thanks to Punjabis.

The poster launch was attended by Kartar Cheema, director Gorab Saran, screenwriter Inderjit Moga and producers Dilkaran Saran, Jassi Dhaliwal, Aditya Agarwal and Poonam Pawar, Gary Dudwal will direct the project and line producers Nonit Butter and Nitin Sahota were also present. ۔ Current. . Bikram Jait Singh and Sikh Pal Singh Cheema will be in charge of EP.

It will be presented under the joint banner of Sunrise Productions and Black Chillies Productions, brand new production houses in the industry. Starting their journey with “Professor”, they have plans for 4 more movies for next year! As the movie poster suggests, it will be an action thriller, with some twists and turns. Kartar Cheema is seen sitting at the teacher’s desk with a pistol in his hand. The movie’s title is cleverly reproduced on the poster.

The film is produced by Dilkaran Saran, Jesse Dhaliwal, Aditya Agarwal and Poonam Pawar. Dilkaran Saran is a notable producer in the Punjabi industry. The Young Mind has been a part of many blockbuster Punjabi films before, but this is the first time it has been on the front lines. Kartar Cheema is co-producing the film.

Well known industry writer Inderjit Moga has written the history of the film. Guru Saran is working as the director of the next film. As far as the release date of the film is concerned, it has been revealed that the film will be released in 2022.

With ‘Professor’, the Punjabi industry is ready to move forward with the Bollywood industry. The movie promises the biggest action setting ever seen in the Punjabi industry! The creators also revealed that the movie is made in a completely different style and will be released in a specific style. This is a very new and unique concept for the Punjabi industry. More can be learned only when the trailer or the movie is finally in front of us. The professor has high expectations of the audience and we hope this does not disappoint them.

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