PTI VS PMLN By-Election in PP-158 Lahore Results & Polling Updates

By-poll in PP-158 Lahore Results and poll updates: Party symbols over candidates PTI VS PMLN who will win in PP-158 Final results and polling updates.

On July 17, the control of Punjab’s legislature will be up for grabs, as the country’s steepest competition to the 20 seats in the province heats up.

Pakistan’s most politically crucial region will feature the Punjab’s PML-N attempting to retain its tight grip on the legislature. Meanwhile, the PTI has the theme of the struggle within their heads.

Who could tip the balance in their favor?

PP-158 falls into the constituency NA-129 where PML-N candidate Ayaz Sadiq is MNA. 2018 contender In 2018, the regional constituency was won by PTI candidate Aleem Khan. This year, Khan was exiled by the Election Commission of Pakistan for casting a nay vote on his record in a vote related to election for chief minister Punjab. Competing candidates

A profile of the constituency

Total voters: 236,394

Male voters: 123,816

Female voters: 112,578

Candidates in PP-158

The Pakistan Muslim League-N has allotted the ticket for Rana Ahsan Sharafat, and the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has fielded Mian Akram Usman.

PP-158 Final election Results 2018

PP 158 Lahore 15

Candidates Votes Party
Abdul Aleem Khan(Winner)
52299 PTI
Rana Ahsan
45228 PML-N
Azhar Iqbal
6273 TLP
Arif Zafar
1410 PPPP
Waqas Raja
230 IND
Hina Pervez Butt
45 IND
Ismat Karim
40 NP
Shahid Sarwar
37 IND
Majid Zahoor
36 IND
Farooq Tahir Chishti
28 IND
Mian Muhammad Usman
19 IND
Mian Muhammad Akram Usman
19 IND

Who could win?

As Aleem Khan has decided not to stand for this election, the PML-N has declared Rana Ahsan Sharafat as its candidate for PP-158. Sharafat had contested the 2018 polls in this district, from the PML-N platform, but lost to Aleem Khan by more than 7,000 votes.

Poll Results PP-158:

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PP158 Lahore By-Election 2022 Results Updates Poll (2)

Poll Results 2022 by Suno TV

pp-158 by-election results and polls 2022 in lahore


Now Sharafat has the backing of Aleem Khan, a big politician, who was chief minister in the PTI government in Punjab. The candidate also has the support of the PPP and other PDM parties. Sharafat’s uncle is Rana Muhammad Iqbal of PML-N.

PTI’s Usman is the son-in-law of PTI’s Mian Mahmood ur Rashid.

However, both competing candidates are relatively unknown in the constituency. Instead, the political parties, the PML-N and the PTI, have a substantial vote bank here and the electorate is likely to vote for the party of their choice rather than the candidate.

The younger population of the area is also actively involved in the PTI campaign.

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PTI vs PMLN ; Who will win by-election in PP-158 (Lahore), Survey by Habib Akram

Election activity:

The constituency has seen a lively election campaign, with PML-N’s Maryam Nawaz Sharif and PTI’s Imran Khan holding large rallies.

Constituency issues:

A large part of the constituency is made up of posh, high-end areas such as Gulberg and Shadman in Lahore. However, there are pockets of underdeveloped areas such as those near the Qurban Lines. These houses still lack basic services such as clean drinking water and a proper electricity and gas connection.

Several of the Qurban Lines residents told that they will not vote for any political party as no one comes to their area after winning the election.

Which is the next by-election?

Pakistan Tehrek-e-Insaaf

What is the next by-election date?

By-Elections polling date is 17th July 2022

Who will win the by-elections in 2022?

PTI have great chance to win this election

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