PUBG Mobile 1.7 No Recoil File Download 2021 [100% Anti-Ban]

Download PUBG Mobile No Recoil File (2021) High Damage and updated files for PUBG Global, PUBG KR and PUBGMI game.

PUBG mobile 2021 Recoilless file download if you are also playing PUBG mobile game and have a great need for a Recoilless file on PUBG mobile, then you can download the PUBG mobile no recoil file and you have the new PUBG mobile version 1.7 available. You can easily download the latest version of PUBG Mobile 1.7, and this is a full version of the Anti Ban Recoil file. The 2021 version can be used easily.


PUBG without Recoil file download new version You can use PUBG mobile without Recoil file very easily, and this PUBG mobile 1.7 Recoil file is 100% anti-ban version, you can easily download this Recoilless file version 1.7 from mobile I can use it and it gives you a lot of anti-recoil sensitivity.

You can download this PUBG mobile backless file and our PUBG backless file download is the latest version that you can check and you can download PUBG mobile 1.7 APK very easily. And our step-backless PUBG file download is available and with it, we are now giving you a very good quality of non-recoil-sensitive PUBG which you will find very good in responsive PUBG and you can use the 2021 non-recoil-sensitive PUBG file easily too. you can set the pub without reverse adjustment without gyroscope


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PUBG Recoilless file download PUBG mobile games is like you know that nowadays PUBG mobile is played all over the world and you are from Logon, and you want to do and want, you can download PUBG Recoil file. It can be easily downloaded and with it,

PUBG no Recoil file version 2021 and new PUBG mobile version that can, PUBG weapons can be applied and you can use all your favorite GUNS like M416, AKM and this favorite one. You can also control any file and its recoil settings and target your target accurately and efficiently.


PUBG mobile non-Recoil file version 1.7 download, as I told you before logging in, you can easily download the latest version of 1.7 in the latest Recoil version, you can download Logon first. Do you have to Google PUBG PK and its baddies?

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If you were looking for a PUBG Mobile No Recoil file, you can download it here. We updated the file for the November 2021 global release. The file allows you to increase the overall accuracy of every weapon in the game, including the M416, AKM, SKS, AWM. Sometimes equipping your favorite weapon may not give you the precision you wanted. This could be due to delays, developer nerves, or just having a bad day.

Download File 

Fortunately, with the help of the PUBG Mobile No Recoil file, you can get rid of these problems and enjoy a consistent experience with your weapons where each shot hits differently. Setting up the mod doesn’t take long and here we have the detailed steps for you. This PUBGM backless mode is also compatible with the version of the Indian game called Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI).

Once you have downloaded the file on your mobile phone/tablet, here are the steps you need to follow to install the mod:

  • Download ZAchiever or any other Rar Extractor
  • Now, download the file without backspace/file without corruption from the link mentioned above.
  • Extract files and copy files folder (password for the file is BRGEEKS)
  • After copying, go to Android/data/com.Tencent.ig
  • Paste the file folder here, when prompted to replace files, replace all of them
  • Open PUBG Mobile, the No Recoil file should work now!

Once you get the file up and running, here are the benefits that you’ll be receiving:

  • No Recoil on All Weapons
  • Added Damage on Shots (High Damage)
  • Less Damage Taken (2x Less Damage)

Can I Get Banned For Using PUBGM No Recoil File?

Just like any other modification, there’s a slight chance that you might get banned if you end up using this file. However, as per our experience, the file is relatively safe to use.

How To Use No Recoil File?

Unlike previous No Recoil files, this one doesn’t need any sort of modifications. You won’t need to change any settings and will be able to play the game normally with the added benefits.

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