why Punjab College Girls and Punjab Universities Hostel Videos Leaked Online

Why Punjab college Girls and Punjabi University Hostel Videos leaked online. How to avoid from leaking data online? Girls & Boys MMS Leaked online and become Viral in seconds on Social Media.

Now smartphones have lot of benefits as well as their lot of disadvantages. We watch on social media girls and boys private videos leaked online.

That’s why some Girls done suicide and finished their life’s due to parents respect and their dignity in society.

College & University Girls Video Leaked:

They don’t share these videos on social media. Then how these videos viral on social media. Some time College and University friends share their private pics and videos on WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram and other social media platforms just for fun with their buddy.

When these videos download in mobiles and they sell in market mostly their mobile’s data recovered and their data use for black mailing and other misuse.

how to Avoid by this Data Recovery?

use memory cards for your mobiles private videos and other data when you think you can’t use this mobile for long time. When you sell his mobile in market factory reset mobile and then sell and put out memory card.

Remember one thing:

Memory card is more danger then Mobile. but you can destroy memory card easily. My Suggestion is don’t share your pics and videos to your friends, Boyfriends, Buddies and others. Because, their is a big chance of leaked data on other end.
So, I advice don’t cross limits and avoid to share your private data.

Punjab College Girls Videos Leaked:

we watch on social media that some girls having fun with their friends in classroom and girls making videos on their mobiles and these mobiles are mostly use brothers in house. they share these videos in his mobile then they show to friends.
the Mobiles of girls mostly sent on shop for repairing. When repairing men know that this mobile use girl and then the recover data and take a backup and use this backup for misuse and blackmailing.

Watch Punjab College Girls Leaked video online


Don’t create videos while when you celebrating events or in classroom.

Use Personal Mobile :

Mostly girls use his brother’s mobile in functions and create videos and take pictures with friends. Boys use mobile in friends and their mobile data is not safe now their friends can misuse this data.
So, Always use her personal mobile for events and functions.

Our young Generation:

Now the digital age has come. Everyone uses mobile. Our young generation is abusing mobile in this age. In Pakistan and India, girls as well as girls visit porn websites a lot on the internet. Which is corrupting our society.
Our governments have banned the use of these websites in the country to prevent these problems. And these websites are completely blocked in the country. But people can open them using VPN.

social media:

Nowadays, talk and many mobile applications are spreading obscenity. People create weird and ridiculous videos and upload them to their accounts. Most girls make videos. And very obscene clothes are worn.

Parental role:

Their parents should not allow these girls to make such videos. Rather, correct them. Correct them to live according to the religion and Islam.
Parents should take care of their children. And especially look at their society. Somewhere their children are not in the company of bad friends.

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