Radhika Madan celebrates Ashtami with her family after a long time

Radhika Madan celebrates Ashtami with her family after a long time

Having started early, Radhika Madan has constantly strived to excel in his work with back-to-back projects in different mediums. Originally from Delhi, Radhika moved to Mumbai for work for years, with the recent pandemic the actress has returned to her hometown giving her the opportunity to celebrate Ashtami with her family after a long time. Sharing a photo of the pooja at her house, Radhika Madan said, “Let’s celebrate Ashtmi at home after I don’t know how many years! # CountingTheBlessings😇”.

Beginning her television career in 2014, Radhika Madan became a nationwide sensation with her shocking performance. By venturing into Bollywood with diverse and interesting projects, Radhika proved her worth as a versatile performer with her remarkable back-to-back performances. Expecting a wide range of exciting projects across all mediums, Radhika Madan is one of the most promising stars in the entertainment industry, creating great excitement among her fans for her upcoming projects.

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