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Film: Shaadi Mubarak
Rating: 2.5 / 5

Banner: Creations of Sri Venkateshwara
Forged: Sagar RK Naidu, Drishya Raghunath, Rahul Ramakrishna, Hemanth, Banerjee, Priyadarshi Raam and others
Music: Sunil kashyap
Photography: Srikanth Naroj
Producers: Raju and Sirish
Written and path: Padmasri
Publication Date: March 05, 2021

When senior producer Dil Raju’s identity is related to a challenge, he naturally arouses curiosity regardless of who he acted on. “Shaadi Mubarak” is the most recent example. The film comes from the banner of Dil Raju.

Let us contemplate his merits and shortcomings.


An NRI Madhav Sunnipenta (RK Sagar) lands in Hyderabad to test marriage alliances for him.

Thupakula Satyabhama (Drishya Raghunath), whose mother runs a wedding company, agrees to take Madhav to some women’s properties as part of the pelli choopulu session.

Throughout this journey, Madhav and Satya Bhama fall in love, resulting in a lot of trouble.

Artists performances:

A huge fan of girls, RK Sagar Naidu is handsome and performed half of it effortlessly. However, he seems to be a bit older for the character of this NRI boyfriend.

Newcomer Drishya Raghunath has a living presence. They shared the right chemistry. Priyadarshi Ram because the heroine’s father is sweet.

Technical excellence:

The movie was shot in a low price range. While the cinematography is top-notch, the loud music is surprising, the mod lacks smoothness.

Comedian scenes
The essential level of the plot

Backing out:
The second half
Scene repeat
Music and modification


The lead couple, “Shaadi Mubarak,” meet at the airport and instantly board a taxi that whirs along the roads of the Hyderabad metropolis for nearly an hour. Thus begins the unlikely romance between Madhav Sunnipenta played by RK Sagar and Drishya Raghunath’s Satyabhama.

The plot, while lean, seems quite fascinating at first. Identical to “Pelli Choopulu”, a lady and a boy meet by chance and spend several hours together. Their first trip after they started falling in love has produced some really laughable moments.

Their conversations inside the taxi are funny. Also, some collections of pelli choopulu are hilarious. After such a nifty series of episodes within the first episode, the pleasant disappears after a blast of interval.

The second half seems to be a completely different movie. And the rest of the process is remarkably predictable, typically boring. Madhunandan – Aditi Myakal music is simply not convincing in any way.

The movie could have been a hilarious rom-com if the creators had worked on the second half and, more importantly, edited with a more skillful method. Apparently the movie has taken a long time to make and the actors look different in many places. In addition, there are continuity problems. Some sequences are extra like a television collection.

Larger than the low build values ​​and surprising music, it’s the weak writing in the second half that unraveled the great start.

Bottom line: “Shaadi Mubarak” starts off effectively, generates laughter, and at the same time runs out shortly.

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