SHO Sher Singh Movie 2022

SHO Sher Singh is a Punjabi comedy-drama film directed by Shakti Rajpoot. Starring Prince Jaswinder Bhalla, Bal Mukand Sharma, Avtar Gill, Sham Thaper, Jennifer Sharma as main characters. The movie is written by William Rajpoot and The SHO Sher Singh Punjabi Movie will be released only on Chaupal OTT Platform on September 23, 2022.

Movie name SHO Sher Singh Movie 2022
Director Shakti Rajpoot
Where to watch Chaupal TV
Written by William Rajpoot
Dialogues Vinit Attri & Vishal Singh
Genres comedy drama
Publication date September 23, 2022
Duration 1 hour 44 minutes (86.4 minutes)
IMDb review not available

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Movie cast

  • Jacket winder Bhalla
  • Bal Mukand Sharma
  • Avtar Gill, Sham Thaper
  • Jennifer Sharma
  • Parkash Gadhu
  • Satwinder Kaur
  • Hobby Dhaliwal
  • Vijay Tandon
  • Sandeep Patila
  • Raju Shrestha
  • Sushma Prashant
  • Roopi Moon


Sho Sher Singh has been completed and released on the Chaupal TV platform, where you can stream it anytime, anywhere. You just need a good internet connection to watch movies online. SHO Sher Singh Punjabi Movie started with the main characters of comedian Jaswinder Bhalla and Mukunad Sharma performing police duties. A movie character, Pateela Ji, goes to check his wife’s pregnancy test and Jaswinder Bhalla stops his car for security reasons, where he videotapes himself taking a bribe.

As he accepts bribes from a man, the video goes viral on social media. When his mother-in-law listens to the video, he is embarrassed. He went to the DIG to report the problem and have Jaswinder Bhalla suspended from his police duties. Jaswinder Bhalla goes to his dusty house for a month. The story revolves around how he accepts bribes and fulfills the wishes of his wife. And the stories play around the story of the bribery of a police officer.

We hope we helped you learn more about the recently released movie through our SHO Sher Singh movie review. Moh Movie got 2.5 out of 5 stars from Team Trend Punjabi. You can watch this movie if you are a romantic movie buff or a family glued to their seat until the end.

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