Shooter Punjabi Full Movie Jayy Randhawa Online Watch With Review, Casts, Story, Trailer and All Other Details

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Shooter Movie

Shooter is actually an Indian Punjabi-language action film directed by Dilshar Singh and Khushpal Singh called Sukha Kahlon.

Directed by Dilsher Singh
Khushpal Singh
Produced by KV Dhillon
Starring Jayy Randhawa
Vada Grewal
Geet MP3
GK Digital
Release date

14 January 2022

Country India
Language Punjabi

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Shooter Movie Casts


The Shooter film was scheduled to release on February 21, 2020. However, it was banned in Punjab by Capt Amarinder Singh, the then Chief Minister of Punjab, for allegedly inciting violence. In addition, the film was banned again in Haryana on August 21, 2021 on charges of inciting violence. The ban on the film drew mixed reactions from Punjabi cinema. It was finally released in theaters on January 14, 2022.


Shooter is a Punjabi film released on January 14, 2022. Directed by Dilshar Singh and Khushpal Singh, the film stars B Jay Randhawa, Vadda Grewal and Kanika Mann in the lead roles.

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Shooter Movie Review

When destiny plans something for you, nothing can change it no matter how hard you try. This is what we can ‘quote’ about Jay Randhawa’s recently released film Shooter. It was produced, leaked, banned, postponed, controversial and stated what did not happen in it, but it eventually reached the theaters and received a good response from the fans. Something the audience likes, we can’t help but talk about it.

The shooter is the story of Sucha, a very clever and clever man who begins with a review of a movie and becomes a goon in search of fame and popularity. Even if he fights for his rights, he will remain a goonda. The story is that Sucha slowly turns into a gang without realizing it. Yes, the film is violent with excessive bloodshed, gunfire and excitement, but this is not all the film intends to serve. It also has a short but beautiful love story from the heartbreaking moments of friendship, feelings and love.

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Starting with Sucha, the most important and important character, played by Jay Randhawa, we can not compromise in appreciating what this person has done. He has incorporated his heart and soul into the film, which can be easily seen when he comes on screen. He struggled to lose more than one kilogram, and applied makeup for hours every day of the shoot to make sure he was the most acceptable as Sucha. None of this, the way he portrayed that character was the next level. Everything was excellent from his body language, expressions and dialogues and this is definitely one of the important points that the film should be seen. Because we can imagine how difficult it was to portray and maintain the character of a gang like Sucha on screen.

In addition to Jay, many other actors like Swaleena, Vadda Grewal, Shubh Sandhu, Rabbi Kandola and Sanjeev Atri played stunning supporting roles and performed their roles equally well on camera. Although Swalina had a small role, she also had a screen presence, marking her place as Jay Randhawa’s on-screen lover.

Now moving on to the story and screenplay of the film, we are fascinated by the fact that Shooter is not like every second crime & action drama produced in the Punjabi industry. In fact, both directors have directed it brilliantly; Dilshar Singh & Khushpal Singh. They made sure no strings were untied and took care of everything the audience wanted to offer. The film’s team ensures that Sucha connects with the audience, which is what sets Sucha apart from other gangs. Undoubtedly, he was a gangster, but in this story, he was the hero. The fact that he became emotional and killed only his opponents makes him our hero.

But if we focus on the things Sucha tried to portray in the story, we need to mention how he always wanted to be the talk of the town and rule like a king. He was the greatest friend to friends and the most heartless enemy to enemies. Although Sucha’s character description goes on and on, it varies from person to person. Therefore, we suggest you only to see and see him, get to know him in the theaters and then decide for yourself.

The audience’s desire to know more about Sucha’s family and his past stories is what keeps the film away from the 5 stars. The scenes where he talked about his mother were important and made us want more. Although Sucha is the main character in the film, his past and family are not given enough screen space. But since the shooter ended with an ongoing note, more details can be expected in its sequel.

But overall, we think this movie is a must see without thinking twice. If you are a person who loves crime drama, this movie is for you and you are someone who somehow believes that violent movies have no gripping, this movie will become a game changer for you.

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