Sooryavanshi and Radhe in theaters, but why is Bell Bottom exploring an OTT Release?

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January 19 was a historic day, as India won an Test series against Australia in their own den. As the country celebrated, exhibitors from India also had reason to rejoice as their most sought-after superstar, Salman Khan, finally set the record straight and confirmed that his next film, Radhe, will be released only in “theaters” during Eid. 2021. weekend. With the announcement, Salman became the first A-list superstar to step out and take an open position for exhibitors and also, the first superstar to announce his film’s “theatrical release date” amid the pandemic.

For those unaware, in September and October of last year, Salman was inundated with offers from OTT platforms to bring his film Radhe to his platform. OTT players eager to get the exclusive streaming rights for Radhe were Amazon Prime, which had bid Rs 175 crore plus, and Eros Now, which was offering Rs 180 crore plus, solely for the streaming rights. However, in the long run, with everyone’s best interest in mind, Radhe’s producers stood their ground to bring the film to theaters only. Radhe’s theatrical, satellite, digital and music rights have been acquired by Zee Studios for a sum of Rs 230 crore, making them the largest deals in the Covid era. While the producer, Salman, is already making a profit, it’s a reasonable deal even for Zee, who has a good chance of making money.

Eid has been synonymous with Salman, in-fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that he took the festival to new heights in terms of theatrical biz in India

While the exhibition sector and fans await Eid, that is, on May 12, there is a section that wonders if Salman should have come in early February or March to revive theaters. But hey, our point of view is that, more than the release date, it is more important that he goes to the big screen, since the easiest thing for him was to take the OTT route. It is the intention of bringing the film to theaters that makes the difference. Eid has been synonymous with Salman, in fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it took the festival to new heights in terms of theatrical business in India, and an action film like Radhe coming to Eid should aim to scale. in the initial box office streak on Hindi circuits in this pandemic.

Mirroring the industry: Sooryavanshi and Radhe in theaters, but why is Bell Bottom exploring an OTT release?

On the other hand, the wait-and-see game continues for Akshay Kumar’s police thriller Sooryavanshi, which is easily among the biggest releases of 2021. While the Rohit Shetty-directed film is confirmed to hit theaters only, we haven’t heard officially yet. on the exact release date. The rumor in the trade is that the action thriller will arrive during Holi weekend on March 26, however, an insider reveals that a meeting of the producer, Shibashish Sarkar, with his directors and actors will take place within a week to decide on release plans. not only from Sooryavanshi, but also from the protagonist of Ranveer Singh ’83. Republic Day is unlikely to be announced as the creators are looking to follow the strict promotional campaign, keeping all cards close to their chest, but hey, we’d love to be surprised. However, a second theatrical trailer for Sooryavanshi is ready, and those who have seen it can’t help but praise the scale, the action and, this time, some humor as well. Apparently, it is even better than the first.

Second theatrical trailer of Sooryavanshi is ready, and the ones who have seen it, can’t stop raving about the scale, action and this time around, some humour as well. It’s apparently even better than the first one.

The Sooryavanshi team has also taken the brave call to wait in the middle of the pandemic and that too after releasing its most important asset, namely the trailer. Like Radhe, even Sooryavanshi had offerings from platforms like Netflix and Zee 5, yet they stood their ground for a theatrical opening. The stakes are high with this film and, by all means, it should be the first major Indian feature film to bring audiences back to the big screen. After all, it’s Akshay Kumar in action after a long time, that too with a powerful director like Rohit Shetty. The film also features Ajay Devgn and Ranveer Singh in extended cameos.
With two movies, as big as Radhe and Sooryavanshi waiting nearly a year to hit theaters, it’s quite a surprising fact that the team from another Akshay Kumar movie, Bell Bottom, have started some kind of conversation to explore a direct-to-digital. . launching. While sources report that “the team is only trying to measure the market value of the film in the digital world, and will accept a final call on the film’s release plan only after Sooryavanshi’s release,” it is quite shocking. that the creators of a movie.

Amazon has made an offer of Rs 130 crore plus to Bell Bottom, while the producers except something around the Rs 150 crore mark

Interestingly, today, Akshay Kumar, is one of the few who has the mass of followers and can lead the audience to the movie theaters. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that he was in the golden phase of his career until the pandemic played the spoiled sport. If Sooryavanshi arrives in March or April, Bell Bottom can easily target a theatrical release in June, which is just a two-month delay from its initial April 2 plan. And well, if Sooryavanshi doesn’t arrive in the aforementioned period, why can’t Bell Bottom open the floodgates on April 2, being the first major Hindi film to be released in theaters? But the final question still remains, what is the Bell Bottom status quo right now? It’s the same as the state of most teens today, single but open to a relationship, likewise Bell Bottom is a theatrical release, but open for OTT. Terms and Conditions apply.

We hope these are just the first conversations started by the Bell Bottom team and that the film will be released “in theaters only” as promised in the Bell Bottom sneak peek.

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