Spider-Man sells PVR tickets over 1 Lakh in 14 hours servers down in multiple locations

Spider-Man: No way Home continues to push pre-booking as it sold more than one lack of tickets on PVR within 14 hours of the movie’s release. The total value added of these tickets is in the range of 400 million rupees, which is nothing but historic. From high ticket prices to pandemics, nothing prevents Spider-Man fans from going out a lot to celebrate their superheroes.

Due to the heavy traffic load, some ticket websites faced server crashes, which were restored by the IT team working to resolve the issue. The global phenomenon of server crashes is recurring in India as well, which is nothing more than a hype surrounding the movie. It’s also a sign of the audience’s enthusiasm for returning to the theater, as long as it’s a properly packaged and well-suited movie that provides a big-screen experience.

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The total sales of the domestic chain on the weekend is about 1.70 Lakh, and the total sales are more than 6 crore+. Spider-Man: No way Home is already competing with Baahubali 2, Avengers: End game, War and being on the list of the most advanced movies in history. Interestingly, three of the top four best trailers on the Hindi circuit are non-Bollywood movies, which is not necessarily a healthy sign for the industry itself.

The film got off to a historic start on Thursday, and the trailer suggests that the film is likely to emerge as 2021’s biggest opener by defeating its current best, Sooryavanshi, at Rs 26.30 Crore. doing. Much ultimately depends on cash booking sales and Spider-Man’s footsteps in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities.

The movie definitely exceeds Rs 20 Crore on the release date, but now we can see even more. There are already rumors in the industry and social media that Rs 30 Crore will start working on Thursday, but it’s too early to conclude the same.

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