‘Spy Kids’ franchise all set for an official reboot

‘Spy Kids’ franchise all set for an official reboot

The Spy Kids franchise has officially re-launched with original director Robert Rodriguez, Variety confirms.

‘Spy Kids’ franchise all set for an official reboot

If you were a child in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, chances are you followed the family of super secret agents who worked together in various espionage schemes. Now Spy Kids will be featured again by Rodriguez, who will serve as writer and director for the franchise at Skydance Media after acquiring the rights to it.

Spyglass Media, the owner of the original franchise, is also on board. Gary Barber and Peter Oillataguerre serve as executive producers. Skydance will oversee development and production, reports Variety.

Although not much is known about the plot for the recharge, sources say it will be based on the activities of a multicultural family.

The original Spy Kids was based on two children, Carmen and Juni Cortez, who started unaware that their parents were part of the Super Spies Organization. Eventually, they also join their parents’ espionage schemes. Collectively, the franchise has raised more than $ 550 million worldwide.

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