Install Super Mario Sunshine Rom for Windows

Super Mario Sunshine Rom, released by the Nintendo for Games cube in 2002, is the 2nd 3D platformer in the Super Mario series right after Super Mario 64 in 1996Shigeru Miyamoto & Takashi Tezuka gradually produced the game with Kenta Usui and Yoshiaki Koizumi directing it.

Super Mario Sunshine begins on the grounds of the tropical Isle Delfino, where a villain named Shadow Mario is destroying the island with graffiti everywhere. His appearance resembles the Mario.

Hence he accused him of all his wrong deeds. Mario is then punished for clearing Isle Delfino with a device called Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device while simultaneously rescuing Princess Peach from Shadow Mario.

Did you find the Super Mario Sun preface fascinating? It’s even more exciting when you start playing Super Mario Sunshine from Game cube on your PC. Let’s start with the steps to set up Super Mario Sunshine Rom on Windows 10 with a Nintendo Emulator for PC:

Playing Super Mario Sunshine on Windows 10

Even though Super Mario Sunshine was released exclusively for the Nintendo Game Cube. Today, thanks to the Dolphin Emulator, it is possible to play this legendary video game title on your PC and smartphone.

Android users can install the app directly from the Google Play Store, while iOS users must have a jailbroken iPhone/iPad to sideload the app.

Remark: The method described below works to play Super Mario Sunshine on a Windows 10 PC.

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