Super Singer 8 Finale Live Updates: Winner, Runner-Up, Pre-Finale Voting Results Revealed?

Star Vijay’s biggest music reality show, Super Singer Season 8, enters its week leading up to the finale this weekend. The dazzling performances of the past week will witness stiff competition among the six finalists. However, the spotlight is on the winner of the Super Singer 8 title as the final weekend approaches.

Special Performances and Highlights from Super Singer 8 Grand Finale:

Super Singer 8 guarantees greatness and top-notch performances. Special guests for the week leading up to the end of Super Singer 8 will include Adhi “Hip Hop Tamizha“. The judges and the audience especially congratulate the finalists, Shridhar and Muthu.

Barath’s performance of the song “Jumbalaka” received praise from special guest Adhi. The episode leading up to the Super Singer 8 finale is a prelude to the grand finale that will crown the coveted winner and runner-up of Super Singer 8.

Super Singer 8 Final Voting Results:

The most prominent competitive final week witnessed an epic clash in the voting results for the Super Singer 8 final week voting. All six finalists prepared for the time of their lives. However, the audience voted excessively in favor of Shridar Sena and Muthu Sirpi. Anu and Manasi followed the duo in terms of vote counting for the finale of Super Singer 8.

Super Singer 8’s eliminations resulted in the top six finalists fighting each other. Sridhar Sena won the wild card round to re-enter the competition. However, the audience is favoring the contestant by a large margin. Muthu Sirpi is another punchy performer from Super Singer 8.

Super Singer 8 Grand Final Winner

Shridar Sena is the winner of Super Singer season 8.

Super Singer 8 Runner-up

Muthu Sirpi and Anu Anand are the runners-up of Super Singer 8

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