‘Telugu Indian Idol’ Makes a grand Return with a New Season On Aha

Telugu Indian Idol Season 2: In the last 3 years, uh huh, 100% local OTT has always aimed to provide its viewers with groundbreaking programs and entertaining content. With his latest release ‘Telugu Indian Idol 2‘, aha is ready to unleash a wave of musical magic that will resonate across the globe.

From unknown talents to seasoned professionals, the show promises to uncover the best singers in the Telugu-speaking world, all while keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. But that is not all; The show attracted the attention of people from 190 countries last year by showcasing the unique and rich culture of Telugu-speaking states through music.

In Season 2, aha opens the doors for talented singers to reach new heights and shine on a global stage from the smallest cities to Telugu states to the US and UK. The biggest reality show after ‘Unstoppable with NBK’ in aha will be grander and more exciting than ever!

Speaking about the show’s grand introduction, aha CEO Ajit Thakur mentioned, “Telugu Indian Idol successfully started a legacy last year that inspires and resonates with millions across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. In fact, we saw new levels of fanfare for the show in 2022.

In order to continue to entertain our audience and give talented people a platform to showcase their talent again, we’ve created a new season that’s so much bigger than before.

With high expectations from consumers, we wanted to give Telugu Indian Idol the perfect launch and therefore decided to hold a one-time press conference to introduce the set and the judges.”

The iconic singing reality show gave several extraordinary singers a platform to showcase their talents and learn from the best in the industry last year. Over six thousand people have auditioned this year, and the 50 selected contestants will have the opportunity to sing before the renowned panel of judges, including musical icons such as S.S Thaman, Geetha Madhuri and Karthik.

They will also be seen evaluating the performance and progress of each singer throughout the season and helping them become an Indian Telugu idol. Hema Chandra, on the other hand, will be seen as the host, ensuring viewers are entertained and engaged throughout each episode. If you’ve been excited by major celebrity names, wait until you see the grand premiere of Telugu Indian Idol.

S.S Thaman, who will again be seen as a judge on the popular reality show and was given a chance to talented singers last year, adds, “Telugu Indian Idol has been very close to my heart because I have been associated with it since the first season. . . I feel excited and proud that the second season of the show is launching. No singing reality show celebrates music like aha does with Telugu Indian Idol, and I am confident that this season will raise the bar higher.”

Adding to everyone’s excitement, making her debut as a judge on OTT, Geetha Madhurireve revealed, “Music has been my way of life since my childhood and I am honored to be able to share my experience with the budding singers who come to the show.

This season will be truly epic, with a lot of importance placed on quality and taking the show’s singing and production value to the next level. The contestants’ moving stories will also inspire many people across the country.”

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