Thalaivii Movie Review: Kangana Ranaut Show is Solid Political saga 2021

The iron lady of Indian politics, J Jayalalithaa, is someone who brought a lot of attention (and recognition) to the power of regional parties. Pushed into the movie world to support her family, putting aside her dream of being a lawyer.

Thalaivii Movie Review

Jayalalithaa gained media attention twice in her early days: once with her inaugural speech on the power of women, and then another. once with a fiery speech in parliament. Jayalalithaa was that and much more for her followers. An open, articulate and cunning policy from her time. She was Amma to her followers, Ammu to her mentor, and Thalaivi (leader) to her supporters.

Everything proceeds with the transformation of turning Jayalalithaa into Amma. Despite the “I hate politics” stance, Jaya gets into it solely to support hers, her hero M. G. Ramachandran, also known as MGR (Arvind Swami).

The remaining story is about her rise and shine to be the chief minister of Tamil Nadu. How does all this reflect her relationship with MGR? Can you manage together? Many more such questions are answered in the second half.

The first half of the film depicts her struggles in the early stages of her frantic career up to her rise to stardom. Focus the energy on the young actress’s love story with a renowned legendary actor.

As the second half begins, he vividly describes Jayalalithaa’s battles in her political career. It is based on depicting her controversial entry into her party and her rise to power both within and outside the party before emerging as a leader who shaped Tamil Nadu politics.

Thalaivii Movie Review: Script Analysis

I just wish that one day I would wake up in Bollywood finally making worthy biopics, therefore the review ends here because I am sleeping like today is not that day. Such an epic tale of a legendary person once again boils down to a predictable puzzle made up of some extremely convenient pieces.

The more you look at what the story of K. V. Vijayendra Prasad serves you, the more you think about the things that never make it to your plate. It ends at a point that restricts the story to cover a plethora of interesting things like his highly controversial prison sentence, his true rise and fall in the world of politics, his link to Sasikala, facing off with MGR’s widow, VN Janaki. .

Even in its current version, Thalaivii is a compilation of few heroic sequences, but they are not enough to maintain its intrigue. Vishal Vittal’s camera work does reinforce the grandeur already crafted by K. V. Vijayendra Prasad’s script.

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Did this movie even require the deafening dialogue of Rajat Arora? I thought the Anthony & Ballu Saluja edit would have most of the blame for the disaster, but Arora’s dialogue took me back to ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai’, the sequel and trust me, it’s not a good place to go. to be.

The first half is dedicated to the actress in Jayalalithaa, the second is to the politician in her, but neither of them justify the 150-minute runtime. I had no problem with the duration (that’s what she said) being a “travel” story, the problem starts when you start hoping it doesn’t follow the same biographical route as B-town.

Thalaivii Movie Review: star performance:

It shows why Kangana Ranaut was the best choice for this one when certain scenes force you to believe it’s her biopic. It’s so natural on screen that you won’t believe it if she’s playing another character. Through a commendable change in accents, appearance, and physical attributes of a single character, this is a show of a Kan (wins).

Arvind Swami as MGR has the hardest job of bottling the charm and aura of another legendary artist in front of a person the film is based on. Though highly dependent on the Jayalalithaa character, Arvind helps the MGR character find his own terrain. Nassar as Karunanidhi is a sound casting decision, but materially wasted.

Bhagyashree looks stunning when Jayalalithaa’s mother nails her the role of “tell me you’re an actress without telling me you’re an actress.” Raj Arjun, Secret Superstar’s surprise pack still holds the secret of how to stand out amid brilliant performances. He glows as MGR’s “cold hearted lieutenant” R. M. Veerappan. Poorna as Sasikala has no reach due to her limited screen presence.

Thalaivii Movie Review: Direction, Music:

A. L. Vijay jumps into a dangerous space with this giving a taste of “what could have been” with a stronger story / dialogue / script. The feature of a film that seems “great” remains throughout thanks to Vijay’s gentle direction.

None of G. V. Prakash Kumar’s songs make you want to hear it a second time outside of the movie. He gets top marks in the “background score” department delivering some polished pieces.

Final words from Thalaivii Movie Review:

Overall, THALAIVII is a well-done and well-written political saga that is embellished with another award-winning performance by Kangana Ranaut. However, the bad news and the prolonged closure of cinemas in Maharashtra will greatly affect the box office prospects for the Hindi version.
Watch him to remember Jayalalithaa’s rise and rise from actor to leader to finally become Amma and to be brought to life by the committed portrayal of Kangana Ranaut on screen.

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