The Morning Show Season 2 End Explained! Does Chip have COVID? Apple TV+ Series

The Morning Show season 2 is available on Apple TV+! if you want to know the explanation for the end of season 2, Read more! The finale begins with Bradley handing out disappearance posters for his brother Hal. Then the scene goes to the morning show discussing Alex Levy’s video at the Mitch Kessler memorial. The board is discussing the postponement of UBA+. Cory tells Cybil that he wants to start it anyway. The pandemic and the controversy over Alex weigh on the CEO.

Colleagues are switching to video calls because they fear Alex passed Covid-19 to them. Stella orders everyone to go home and get tested. Funny – they didn’t see this coming all season. It’s our 2020, replayed. Stella informs Daniel that he will host the Morning Show from home. But Daniel refuses, saying that he should see his grandfather in a retirement home. He’s done proving himself. Stella tells him this is the biggest news of their lives, but Daniel resigns. The pandemic has provided perspective. In front of the explanation of the end of The Morning Show Season 2, Read more!

End of season 2 of The Morning Show explained

After convincing Cory, Chips arrives and persuades Alex to host the show. Alex is terrified of getting infected as well, but Chips assures him that he already has COVID and that he may be asymptomatic. Initially reluctant, Alex agrees to face a hostile world in its most vulnerable state. The more she participates in the show, the more she rises above her insecurities and fears.

Alex does not die in Season 2 of The Morning Show and don’t let the opinions of others rule his life. She gradually recovers and becomes a better version of herself, both physically and emotionally. While we don’t yet know what effect her show has on viewers, we can safely say that she saved Alex in more ways than one.

When Chip runs to Alex’s house to tell him about the new show, he claims he has COVID, adding that he seems to be doing fine just because he might be asymptomatic. Later it turns out that this is a lie. It is later revealed that he probably wasn’t even tested before working with Alex, deliberately exposing himself to the disease. And even if he was tested and the result was negative, as he told the health center receptionist over the phone, it doesn’t matter now.

These days, he puts himself in danger to save Alex, his career, and his self-esteem, and he takes great care that she doesn’t find out. Sooner or later, his tendency to sacrifice his own needs will catch up with him. One can only hope that it is not in the form of a serious case of COVID.

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