Udeekan Teriyan Punjabi Movie 2023 Release Date, Cast & Reviews

Udeekan Teriyan Watch Punjabi Movie Official Trailer 2023 star cast Jaswinder Bhalla | Amar Noori | Seema Kaushal | Vindu Dara Singh. Udeekan Teriyan Punjabi Film Reviews, and Box-office Collection reports. Indian Punjabi Movies Tickets get online.

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Udeekan Teriyan Punjabi Movie 2023

➟Starring- Jaswinder Bhalla, Amar Noori, Seema Kaushal, Vindu Dara Singh, Pukhraj Bhalla, Gunjan Katoch, Harby Sangha, Abhishek Sharma, Harneet Kour, Parminder Barnala, BM Sharma, Sandeep Pateela, Balvir Boparai, Harmeet Singh, Kulvir Sony, Santosh Gill, Puneet Singh, Jyoti Arora, Kanika Wadhwa, HRD Singh, Manoj Chaunda, Sukhbeer Kaur, Prabh Sandhu, Ankit Verma (Child Artist Aryan Gautam and Nisthha Walia)

➟Producer- Mukesh Sharma & Sagi A Agnihotri
➟Director- Raj Sinha
➟DOP- Virendra K.
➟Editor- Abhishek Seth
➟Story/Screenplay- Sagi A Agnihotri, Raj Sinha
➟Dialogue- Ajay Bawa
➟Music & Background Score- Gurmeet Singh
➟Lyricist- Happy Raikoti, Ajay Bawa, Sipa, Jang Dhillon
➟Singers- Master Saleem, Kamal Khan, Yuvraaj Hans, Sajjan Adeeb, Gunjazz & Simran Bhardwaj
➟Executive Producers- Vinod Sharma, Aman Sharma
➟Creative Producer- Gautam Sharma
➟Costume- Jeenat Dhingra
➟Turban Artist- Gurpreet Chamkaur Sahib
➟Make-Up- Balwinder Singh Babby
➟Line Producer- Sukhi Nabha (Punjab film productions)
➟Art Director- Varinder Singh Sokhi
➟ Casting- Garry Bhullar/Sukhi Nabha
➟Sound Recordist- Rakesh Kumar
➟Dubbing Studio- Nagaada Film Studio
➟Recordist- Rajinder Panwar
➟Sound Designing & Mixing- Anup Dev
➟ DI Prasad Film Labs (Mumbai)
➟ DI Colorist – Kiran Kumar K.
➟Visual Promotion- HASHTAG# STUDIOS
➟Poster Stills & Design- MANOJ ZORE -Ideas & Dreams
➟Creative Marketing- Punjabi Front/ Creative Benchers
➟Marketing by MDN Entertainment
➟Worldwide distribution by The Next Film Studios/ Pramod Thakur

Udeekan Teriyan Punjabi Movie 2023 Official Trailer:

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