Unheard Series Review Historical Talks That Are More Archaic Than Inspiring

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Unheard Series Review

Bing rating: 5.5 / 10
Bottom line: historical dialogue that’s more archaic than inspiring
Rating: 5.5 / 10
Skin N Swear: None
Platform: Disney Plus Hotstar
Genre: Drama, History

What is the story about?

Unheard is an episodic story of various characters expressing their views on the fight for freedom and India, a nation on the verge of achieving independence. What is the correct way to fight for the country? What’s next after the independence of India? Questions and debates about them form the plot of the miniseries.


Bala Aditya, Chandini Choudhary, Priyadarshi, Ajay, Srinivas Avasarala, and Chakrapani are part of the Unheard actor series. More than “acting”, these actors interact with each other in each episode. They choose one side of the story and discuss it.

There is no specific drama, even if it is felt through the words. Everyone has done a good job, but Srinivas Avasarala and Bala Aditya are impressive. The former shows his command of Urdu in the last episode. As he speaks the lines, Chandni feels like hitting Chowdhary with the weight of him. Priyadarshi is more honest than ever and Ajay is enough.


Aditya KV has written and directed the series. As mentioned above, Unheard is more of a dialogue between different characters than a regular story that contains drama.

Each episode tackles a different chapter from the pre-independence struggles to D-Day. All the action takes place against the backdrop of Hyderabad under the Nizam rule.

Without a doubt, the director’s intention is sincere and deserves recognition. Genuine attention is paid to the topics chosen for conversation. Both parties have a fair point to address your side. A conclusion is not provided in a black and white sense (even if the debate is like this). The final decision is left to the audience to decide if they can understand the scenario with the present tense.

As the series progresses, the writing improves. The chosen topics are also exciting and complex. The natives or Nizam who work for the British, Paheli, etcetera, are good.

However, one can also feel a bit naive in the process. Some ideas are explicitly incorporated with the perspective behind the story. This does not give the impression that the people of that time are speaking. The language is heavy to cover the central theme, making everything seem archaic when it can be inspiring.

Still, it is good to discuss topics, except questions. It’s like a history class through a serial format. It gives an idea of ​​the struggle we go through to get to where we are today.

Finally, Unheard tells the essential stories of our fight for freedom in a unique way. The conversation is likely to herald powerful discussions between stakeholders. For that reason alone, one could give Unherd a shot, even if it’s pretty dry and doesn’t have any narrative drama.

Music and other departments ?:

Naresh Kumaran provides the music for the series. The music mainly accentuates the dramatic allusions to the topics under discussion. But it follows a cliché pattern. The cinematography is in charge of Abhiraj Nair. Gary BH is in charge of editing. It’s neatly done and creates interest in the story despite having limited actors. Writing is an important asset.


  • Theme
  • writing material
  • short length


  • documentary spirit
  • repetition in some tracks
  • writing language

enjoy it?

Would you recommend it?

yes with reservation

Unheard Series Review by Binged Bureau

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