PML-N Leader Zubair Umar’s Leaked Video viral on social media watch online shameful act by Zubair Umar abusing a Girl in Hotel is true or fake. Zubair Umar abusing a young girl video leaked on social media.


Shame for the PML-N leader, Zubair Umar, for his video Shameful Leak, on the one hand We saw Politico go viral in money laundering, corruption and other activities.

“Former Governor Sindh and senior member of the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) Muhammad Zubair Umar is in trouble after embarrassing viral video of him leaked on social media today.”

Details about the leaked video of Zubair Umar have yet to be revealed, however people on social media are debating whether or not Maryam Nawaz posted it.

The video has been alleged to have been released by PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz as people claim that she hinted a few days ago that she will release a video soon.

Zubair Umar’s leaked video went viral on social media:

The obscene leaked video of Muhammad Zubair is no exception to the Nawaz policy of the Pakistan Muslim League. It looks like a honey trap where Zubair has been tricked into and will be blackmailed by the rest of his politics.

A video of PML-N leader Zubair Umar has gone viral on social media these days. In which he can be seen having a romance with a girl. In this video, Zubair Omar and the girl can be seen without any clothes. Zubair Umar Jo is a very active leader of PML-N. And they are the spokespersons of Maryam Nawaz and Nawaz Sharif.
This video of him was leaked by a girl in which he says. That Zubair Umar has abused her by giving her a job. The PML-N is facing a lot of criticism these days because of this video of Zubair Umar. Earlier too, PML-N leader Talal Chaudhry had beaten up his party’s female MPA from his house in a round of organizing.

Do you want to watch Zubair Omar’s video?

If you want to see their video, you can comment on the video in the comments. You will be given a link to the video.

Is Zubair Umar Video fake or not?

PML- N leader Zubair Umar says that this is very shameful act by those who did this. this is not real and this is only for damaging my name. He Twitted on Twitter,

“This is no politics. In fact a new low !! By launching a fake & doctored video against me. Whoever is behind this has done an extremely poor & shameful act,” he wrote on Twitter.

He said that he served the country with honesty, integrity and commitment. “Will continue to raise my voice for the betterment of Pakistan,”

Is Zubair Umar’s video real or not?

Zubair Omar says about this video that this video is fake. There is a conspiracy to discredit him and his party.

What is in Zubair Umar’s leaked video?

Zubair Omar can be seen having sex with a girl in his leaked video. After the leak of this video, it is being said that Zubair Omar has abused this girl by giving her a job. In this video, the girl and Zubair Omar can be seen doing immoral acts on the bed.



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