WhatsApp reportedly working on reaction notifications on Android

The Whatsapp owner make’s a new reaction option for it. Let’s have a look on it that what’s the people think about this new update. Because you get all reaction notifications on notification bar. Let’s see that people are feeling irritating or enjoying it.

A new beta update of WhatsApp has been released videlicet for Android druggies on the beta channel, revealing that the company is working on communication response announcements for its Android app.

WhatsApp has been working on the communication responses feature for a many months now, which, as the name implies, allows druggies to reply to dispatches in the same way that they reply to posts and commentary on the Facebook app.
Before, WhatsApp had no plans to notify druggies of communication responses, but the company latterly began developing it for the beta interpretation of its iOS app, and it’s now working on furnishing the same point to its Android users. According to the source, the communication response announcements feature is” planned to be released in a unborn update,” so indeed if you are on the most recent beta interpretation, you will not see it in WhatsApp’s settings menu. Likewise, it’s unclear when WhatsApp will make the communication responses feature available to all druggies, but when it does, we’ll make sure to let you know.
WhatsApp reportedly working on reaction notifications on Android
Meanwhile, WhatsApp is also reported to be working on a bunch of features that include HD features to let druggies shoot and admit images or videos without compressing the quality. The platform may indeed add a pause and renew the Voice Recording point soon. WhatsApp is reportedly working on another point to let druggies hide last seen from specific individualities. It may add a analogous option for displaying profile images.

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