Who is Khadija? Sheikh Danish Kidnapped Girl and

Who is Sheikh Danish? Why he Kidnapped Khadija? Khadija videos with Sheikh Danish and Ana Sheikh beating Khadija. Check photos of Sheikh Danish and Family with Anna Sheikh. 

Who is Sheikh Danish?

Sheikh Danish is a corrupt and evil businessman of Faisalabad. His family is very liberal. Which is an alcoholic and very extravagant family. He is an activist of Muslim League Noon. Who is the companion of Rana Sana Ullah.

Who is Anna Sheikh?

Sheikh Danish’s daughter Anna Sheikh provides girls for her father. Sheikh Anna is a medical student. While Khadija is his classmate. Sheikh Danish sent a relationship to Khadija’s house to marry her. Khadija refused this relationship.

Ana sheikh daughter of sheikh danish

So Anna Shaikh and her family felt their disrespect and kidnapped Khadija and tortured her and made a video of her. Then this video of torture went viral on social media. After that, all of them have been arrested after filing an FIR against them in the Faisalabad police station. And action is being taken. Now we have to see what the decision of this case comes from the courts of Pakistan.

FIR Against Sheikh Danish and Family:

Khadija and sheikh Danish case FIR

Sheikh Danish arrested

sheikh danish arrest in Faislabad thana

Who is Khadija?

Khadija is an orphan girl who lives with her mother and her brothers. Khadija has two brothers who live in foreign countries while Khadija is a medical student and is her classmate.

Both had to come to each other’s house due to which both of them trust each other a lot. Ana Sheikh’s father is Danish Sheikh who is a luxurious person. He sent Rishta to Khatija’s house. After Khadija’s death, her family went to her house to take revenge on her and tortured her in the presence of her brothers.

He raped her and made a video of her licking the shoes. He asked her to lick the shoes with her tongue. Besides, her hair was pulled, which is very shameful.


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