Who is Sania Khan? Age, Family , Height, Net Worth & More

Who is Sania Khan? US Pakistani Tiktoker Sania Khan’s Age, Height, Weight, Husband, Boyfriend and more updates that you want to know about her. #SaniaKhan Wiki and Biography Details check here.

Sania Khan Tiktoker:

Sania Khan Travel Love Photographer 29 year old Pakistani American girl #SaniaKhan murdered by her ex husband in Chicago.

Sania used to make TikTok videos about the stigma of divorce in South Asian communities.

Whether its in the US or at home, honour killings by Pakistani men have bowed all our heads in shame.

Who was Sania Khan?

Khan was a professional Pakistani-American photographer who moved to Chicago from Chattanooga in June 2021, according to her website.

“I loved traveling so much that I was a flight attendant,” she wrote. “My favorite stop has always been Chicago and who would have known two years later I was going there?”

Khan also posted her marital and personal struggles on TikTok.

In one post, she wrote, “Divorce as a South Asian woman feels like you’ve failed in life sometimes,” she wrote.

“The way society classifies you, the lack of emotional support you receive, the pressure to stay with someone because ‘what people will say’ leads to isolation. It makes it difficult for women to leave a marriage they shouldn’t have entered into, at first.”

Two of her friends told the Chicago Sun-Times that Khan and Ahmed separated in May. A friend of Khan wrote on Facebook: “My friend was someone who took all the right steps. She left. She had a restraining order. She changed her locks.”

A Twitter user praised and wrote, “Hearing Sania Khan absolutely breaks my heart. Women in our society are repeatedly subjected to domestic violence and emotional abuse, but are told to remain in a miserable marriage due to the disgrace it would bring to a woman’s family.”

A man traveled from his home in Georgia and shot his ex-wife in her apartment on Streetville, Chicago on Monday before taking a shot at himself, according to police reports.

The officers went to Sania Khan’s apartment around 4:30 pm. That day after they received a call for a welfare check. The press reported, quoting a police report, that upon their arrival they heard the sound of gunshots and a man moaning.

Sania Khan’s death:

Chicago police were told that Raheel Ahmed, 36, and his 29-year-old wife, Sania Khan, “were in a divorce,” according to reports. He was depressed and traveled to her place to “save the marriage”.

Once inside the apartment, officers found Khan, 29, unresponsive near the door with a gunshot wound to the back of her head and blood on her face. Ahmed was discovered in a bedroom with a head injury. The report stated that a pistol was found in his hand and a suicide note was discovered nearby.

Sania Khan was pronounced dead at the scene according to the Chicago Police and the coroner’s office. Ahmed was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where he also died.

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