why Imran Khan’s government was overthrown by No Confidence Moment?

Why did all the infidels and anti-national elements turn against Imran Khan Imran Khan has emerged as the most powerful leader of Muslims. No Confidence moment on the behalf of US to change regime in Pakistan. All infidel countries, especially the United States, were strongly against Imran Khan. He was trying his best to get revenge on Imran Khan.

And as soon as he accepted Pakistan, he met his comrades and opposition leaders Shahbaz Sharif, Maulana Fazlur Rehman, and Asif Zardari. Who succeeded in this mission of America by overthrowing the government of Imran Khan?

The Muslim League-N and the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) combined to form the National Assembly. Like the United States. Powerful country when it opens sacks of fleece in Pakistan. So everything is possible.

Why did America go against Imran Khan?

  1. Imran Khan has always said that Pakistan is a free and independent country. It should have its foreign policy. But the United States does not accept that Pakistan has an independent foreign policy.
  2. This is very much against the interests of America, especially India. They can never tolerate a strong Pakistan in this region.
  3. Because in the same region he suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of the Taliban in Afghanistan. And the United States had to suffocate and flee.
  4. Because Imran Khan always said that the Taliban cannot be defeated by war. Solve your mischievous conversation. And in the end, that is what happened, the United States had to surrender to the Taliban.

Imran Khan and anti-Islam elements:

Anti-Islamic elements were also very angry with Imran Khan. Because Imran Khan always fought for the honor of Khatam-un-Nabin Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). And showed the whole world how the case of honor of Khatam-un-Nabin Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) is being fought. Thanks to Imran Khan’s efforts, he managed to get the resolution to celebrate March 15 as Islamic phobia passed all over the world.

Refusal to surrender to Israel:

Imran Khan was urged from all over the world to recognize Israel. But Imran Khan refused to acknowledge it and said that the first qiblah of the Muslims should be emptied. And let Palestine live freely.

India and Kashmir:

Imran Khan had told India that without resolving the Kashmir issue and those who have changed the laws in occupied Kashmir. Free yourself from them. Pakistan also stopped all trade with India.

Visit Russia:

The United States was furious at Captain Imran Khan’s visit to Russia. His Foreign Office also telephoned Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, saying that Pakistan’s failure to visit Russia could have very dangerous consequences for Pakistan. But the captain denied that the tour was pre-arranged.
Russian President Putin also said that the United States has taken steps to overthrow Imran Khan’s government in Pakistan. They are very embarrassing.
Imran Khan’s supporters and supporters everywhere in Pakistan have started peaceful protests. Imran Khan has asked his supporters to protest peacefully in the country.

Now we see that the people of Pakistan are breaking the chain of slavery together with Imran. Or go into slavery again. The people of Pakistan are an independent and free nation.

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