“I do not recommend hiding a secret from your spouse, but if you are looking for a reliable source of income, I really recommend joining today” – Mahnoor Alvi

Imagine hiding a secret of 9,86,11,553 from your spouse for more than 3 years. Can you do that? Mahnoor Alvi, a mother of 2 children from Punjab, risked her marriage and her family to hide a shocking secret from her 13-year-old husband.

Ali and Mahnoor Alvi, residents of Pk || punjab, were married in 2004 after dating for years. Ali worked as an engineer in the city and Mahnoor started working as a receptionist at a local clinic. After their first child, Mohammad, was born in 2008, they decided that Mahnoor would quit her job to stay at home with their children.

The manufacturing industry was hit hard during the financial crisis of 2008. Fortunately, Ali did not lose his job, but he had to work more hours and take a heavy pay cut to help his business survive. ‘Ali provided for our needs, but I noticed how tired he got. We tried to save all the money, but it never seemed enough, ”Mahnoor shared. “We were really not sure what was going to happen. The market did increase, but it declined again. And at that point I was pregnant with Noor, so we were just hoping for the best. ”

Shortly after Noor was born, Mahnoor searched Facebook one afternoon and saw an advertisement that she could earn up to 105 000 Rs a day from home. Curious, she clicks on it and does research. ‘It has had excellent reviews from many users, so I feel safer logging in to the system. It’s not like the ‘get rich quick’ scam where you have to sell things to make a living. If I had to sell things, I would not have signed up, ”Mahnoor shared.

The use of the internet to work from home has become one of the biggest world trends and recently in the Pk || punjab exploded. OlympTrade is an instructional system that teaches you to use sites like Google, Walmart, Amazon, Apple and so many others to make money online. All you have to do is fill out a short form online to access the system.

“I was nervous about starting the system. I do not know the computer very well, but they teach you how to do everything you need to know. I actually only knew how to browse the internet, but these are all the computer skills I need. “I also did not want Ali to feel like he was not taking care of our family,” Mahnoor said.

After her first two weeks using the system, two checks came in at Rs 13,69,874. Mahnoor decided she needed a way to hide this money until she got the courage to tell Ali about her new job. Therefore, she secretly opened a bank account without her husband knowing about it. She prefers to have the checks paid directly into the account each week.

And just like that, life went on as normal for 3 years. Ali goes to work while Mahnoor works on the OlympTrade system at home. She did not touch the money in the secret account. “It was very difficult for me to keep such a big secret from my husband. I felt I was betraying him, but I was afraid to tell him more.” Looking back, it was foolish of me to withhold it from him, “Mahnoor said.

Early last year, Ali lost his job. When he gets the loss really heavy, Mahnoor decides it’s time to tell him what she did every day. So one afternoon she walks to the bank and enters the secret account she has been growing for more than three years. Then the account earned more than R 9,86,11,553.

“Mahnoor sat down next to me and told me that she had hidden something from me and that God would be ashamed of her,” Ali said. Then she took a check out of her dress and handed it to me. It was written to her and signed by our bank for R 9,86,11,553. I did not believe it at first, and then she told me about the OlympTrade system. ”

Ali was silent at first. I thought he was angry and was considering a divorce. But then he started crying and hugging me. I told him how ashamed and sorry I was, but he just exclaimed how relieved he was that a solution to our financial problems had been answered, ”Mahnoor shared.

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