Will South Korean actress Bae Suzy appear in Ram Charan’s movie?

South Korean actress Suzi Bae will appear in Ram Charan’s upcoming film, according to the latest reports. Shankar to lead this project.

Mega Power Star Ram Charan has been formally confirmed ready to work with 2.0’s Shankar and Robo fame. Now in line with the latest rumors in the film business, South Korean actress Bae Suzy has been embroiled in an affair with Ram Charan at Shankar’s directing company.

Ram Charan is one of the busiest actors in the southern film industry and is currently looking forward to the release of RRR and Acharya. To add much to his fans’ excitement, South Korean actress Suzy Bae will appear in one of his upcoming movies in a lead role. This movie will be directed by Shankar and the title of it has not yet been revealed.

Bae Suzy is known to enjoy a huge following around the world. Her popular projects include Start-up, Dream High, Wonderland, Uncontrollably Fond, just to name a few. She is a talented actress and singer. The latest media reports suggest that Suzy has been tied up for main leads and would be seen falling in love with Ram Charan in the direction of Shankar. However, not much has been revealed about her role so far. And the manufacturers have yet to officially confirm anything.

Suzy, on the other hand, has also not confirmed anything about the making of this movie. If these reports are true, then her Indian fans of hers would be more excited to see this movie.

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