World’s cheapest and expensive passports

World’s cheapest and expensive passports

Passports come in all colors and sizes, rankings and patterns; but it is also important to note that the cost of obtaining a passport also pushes one from the other.

SavingSpot has surpassed the number of prints and has produced some interesting title results. At USD 74 USD, the average passport price does not change significantly worldwide and in developed countries

World’s cheapest and expensive passports

Using the US dollar exchange rates in January 2021, SavingSpot searched through the data available for each country to find prices for each country.

When passports were offered in different sizes (number of pages) and expiration dates, the option of fewer pages and longer validity was chosen. With a large sum of $ 800, Syria has more expensive passports.

Affordability of the passport
The key to the study is also the affordability factor for each country. Of course, a dollar in North America is not the same as a dollar in Central Africa. So to compile the average hourly wage option was taken to express the price of the passport in terms of working hours.

At the top of the list is Malawi, whose passport of $ 118 would require more than 983 hours of work to purchase the passport.

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