Police & TLP supporters clash in Pakistan’s Yateem Khana Chowk Lahore

get latest updates and real time videos of Yateem Khana Chowk Lahore a big clash between TLP supporters and Punjab Police.

Activists of Tehreek-e-Lubaik Pakistan and Punjab Police clashed at Yateem Khana Chowk Lahore Khadim Hussain Rizvi’s mosque. Dozens of Tehreek-e-Libek activists were seriously injured and two others were martyred in the police firing.

Activists of Tehreek-e-Lubaik Pakistan (TLP) blocked the road in protest of the arrest of Hafiz Saad Rizvi, son of Allama Khadim Hussain Rizvi. They demanded that the French ambassador be expelled from the country. Because France has insulted the glory of the Holy Prophet which has saddened the hearts of Muslims. Because the punishment for violating the honor of the Prophet is death. Therefore, he is not in our country who made cartoons, but we can get his country’s ambassador out of this country and record our protest.

The demand of Tehreek-e-Lubaik Pakistan workers is legitimate. Because they were promised that the French ambassador would be expelled from the country. But the promise is not being kept.

Yateem Khana Chowk Accident

Demonstrators clashed with police at the Rehmat-ul-Ulameen Mosque in Yateem Khana Chowk Lahore and police arrested a DSP of Nawankot police station and 10 policemen. And took possession of them. As a result, the police took strict action to rescue their personnel, as a result of which two workers were injured and two were martyred.

Recent updates:

According to the latest updates, in the first round of protests and ongoing talks between the Punjab government, they have agreed to end the sit-in at Yateem Khana Chowk and resolve the issues through consultation.

Yateem Khana Chowk Operation Videos

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