Popular Pre-bridal Packages in Pandemic by Zoylee App

Find the best salons and salons in the Zoylee app and enjoy pre-wedding packages. Zoylee РOnline Spa and Salon Booking App. Here we will tell you the best package for you. 

Pre-bridal Packages

Weddings are the most important events in life. You need to look more beautiful and gorgeous on your wedding day. For this, the pre-bridal packages make you look as beautiful as you want. In a pandemic, it is difficult to choose pre-wedding packages, which is why we are here to tell you which packages are the best in this scenario.

After a few years, when you look back at your wedding albums, you need to smile remembering the looks and compliments you receive at your wedding. Opt for salon bridal packages to get the bridal glow on your face. Don’t overthink it, just start out positive and pamper yourself for the next big events.

To overcome your stress as it is not good for your skin health, we have created amazing packages to keep you looking your best on the big day.

What pre-wedding packages do you include?

Pre-bridal packages come in a wide range of services ranging from hair to toe. In addition, there are numerous pre-wedding package deals available at different prices. However, these packages vary from salon to salon. Since there are many offers available including facial, pedicure, manicure, haircut, threading, etc. So, these are the treatments that you will find in pre-nuptial packages.

  • haircut

There are different haircut styles available here. You can also select reference photos of the bride or celebrity to show the stylist. However, only stylists can tell you whether a haircut looks good on you or not. Look for different haircuts suggested by hairstyle and show your reference. Discuss the needs and wants and select the right haircut.

  • Thread

Threading includes eyebrows and upper lips. Facial hair removal is the most important part of achieving flawless makeup. Facial hair is the roadblock to glowing and flawless skin, which is why it is important for brides.

  • Hair removal

Waxing includes full body waxing of the legs, hands, and armpits. Removing body hair is again so important to get flawless skin and let your mehndi look amazing. In pre-nuptial packages, full body waxing is also available to achieve beautiful skin.

  • Facial

A facial helps to achieve radiant skin and cleans dirt in depth. Improves blood circulation which enhances shine. There are different facial treatments such as O3 +, Vitamin C, etc. These facials also depend on your skin type. Get acne-free, pore-free, and oily skin.

  • Pedicure

Feet are an underrated part of grooming therapy. But it is really necessary to have clean and clear feet. Different types of pedicures help relax muscles and clean dirt. This should be done at least twice a month before the wedding day.

  • Manicure

It’s true that we love our hands, especially girls who focus on nails. The manicure provides a deep cleaning of the hands and a flawless nail painting. This makes nails clearer by removing cuticles and massaging.

  • Hair spa

The hair spa helps eliminate fizz, dryness and dullness. It also removes oil from the scalp by stimulating blood circulation and is quite relaxing for the mind. In a hectic wedding prep schedule, a hair spa relieves stress and gives you shiny hair.

  • Hair color

It is not a day before the process. It is advisable to do this within 3 months of the wedding. It takes time to set the color and achieve a complete look. Inspired by brides or celebrities, hair color may look good on you, but it depends entirely on the shape of your face. Get the right haircut with the right hair color.

Where to do this pre-wedding package session at Pandemic?

The simplest and easiest way to do this session is through an online room reservation application. Coyle is an online salon reservation application that offers high-quality salon service options from the comfort of your home. Download the app, search for pre-wedding packages near me and you will get a list of options. Check the best beauty salon options, find the right one according to your needs and book the appointment according to time availability and visit it for the session.

In a pandemic, cleanliness and hygiene are the priority, which is why Zoylee has clean and sanitized places for each service.

There are 2 options to experience the session: book the appointment for services to Home or book the appointment and then visit the salon. Both are great ways to go and it depends on your needs.

  1. For salon visitation services, now you don’t need to visit the salon every time, you can contact them from home. Coyle is India’s leading platform to book an appointment with nearby beauty salons to experience bridal sessions and visit the salon at set hours. They offer incredible discounts and deals with instant booking services.
  2. For home salon services, there are few platforms available that offer the services at your home such as the UrbanClap app which is a reliable online platform for booking the session and there are also different options at different prices.


We hope this has been helpful to you and we look forward to getting the best pre-nuptial services from your home at affordable prices.

In addition to waxing, pedicures, manicures, facials, etc., whitening and body spa services are optional services provided in pre-nuptial packages. Body massage helps relieve stress and provides numerous benefits by stimulating blood circulation. Bleaching is done by some brides who are afraid of waxing, it hides unwanted facial hair by changing its color.

In the corona pandemic, it is best to avoid opting for home services, as social contact in your home increases the risk of spreading the virus. So another option: booking an appointment and visiting a salon at a certain time is a great way to move forward in this pandemic.

Don’t wait for the right moment! Book the appointment from the Zoylee app and finish your pre-nuptial session.

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